Need To Purchase A Milling Machine? Advantages Of Using A Vertical Milling Machine


Milling is a common machine used by many industrial companies. It can be used to mill a variety of materials, such as plastic, wood, and metal. If you need to purchase a milling machine you will find different types with one type being a vertical milling machine. Below is information about what this type of milling machine is, as well as benefits it offers you. Vertical Milling Machine A vertical milling machine has a vertical spindle axis and there are two types of vertical milling machines.

8 December 2018

Essential Safety Gear To Wear When Using An Electrogas Welder


Elctrogas welding is a special type of arc welding that's primarily used on thicker materials. If you plan on engaging in this form of welding on a regular basis, you'll need to equip yourself with the appropriate safety gear to remain safe. Auto-Darkening Helmet  Not only do sparks fly in different angles when you use an electrogas welder, a bright light is produced that can cause arc eye. So that your eyes and face are fully protected from these potential safety hazards, you need to invest in an auto-darkening helmet.

5 December 2018

Why You Need Fully Functional Twist Locks On Your Frac Chassis


A frac chassis is a trailer and its base used for moving heavy containers of frac sand. It is vital to the fracking business that these containers arrive full of frac sand and ready to be used. The containers cannot be damaged, and a loss of frac sand during travel results in less work completed at the fracking site. Since frac sand is also expensive and difficult to come by, you want to make sure every bit of it arrives at the fracking site.

4 December 2018

4 Tips For Keeping Your Portable Restrooms Nice & Sanitary


If you are renting portable restrooms for an extended period of time, you are going to want to make sure that they stay sanitary. The company you rent the portable toilets from will ensure that they are delivered clean, and the company will also come out at least once a month to clean them. However, there are steps that you can take to help keep the facilities clean when you rent portable restrooms for the long-term.

3 December 2018

3 Reasons Your Company Needs To Use A Paint Sprayer


If you are in any kind of industrial or manufacturing business that requires you to paint your products or materials, you are likely laser focused on maintaining as high of a quality as you can for your workmanship. But while painting by hand can allow you to make precise movements, there are some situations where your business might benefit from a different option. Here are three reasons why you might want to look at hiring a commercial paint sprayer today.

2 December 2018

What To Do And Not Do With Medical Leak Testing


Having some concerns about the possibility of there being a leak with any type of medical device you utilize can be highly concerning, but it's important to approach the situation with an understanding of the potential consequences of handling it the wrong way. If you're worried about medical leak testing issues, pay heed to this list of things you should or shouldn't do. Don't: Try Any Home Solutions It's easy to think of the problem of a medical leak as not much different than trying to hunt down a hole in a bicycle tire's inner tube.

29 November 2018

Common And Unusual Shapes For Carbide Inserts


Carbide inserts were developed for the machining processes in industry and manufacturing. Over time, newer geometric shapes of inserts were developed to create unique cutting and boring properties. Additionally, some carbide inserts were developed to address specific boring and cutting problems. To familiarize yourself with some of these tools, here is a sampling of both the common and unusual shapes of carbide inserts. ​Common Carbide Insert Shapes Circle Circle inserts produce the obvious; rounded holes and rounded objects.

26 November 2018

Ready For Winter? How To Prepare Your Brick Walls


If you've got a brick wall, now's the time to make sure that it's ready for winter. Harsh winter weather can really wreak havoc on brick walls. The best way to prevent serious winter damage is to make sure the wall is sound before the harsh weather settles in for the season. Here are some instructions that will help you prepare your brick wall for winter. 1. Inspect the Mortar 

25 November 2018