Pallet Types And Loading And Wrapping Equipment


Pallets can aid with your warehouse's storage needs and may be useful when preparing to ship out multiple items that will be sent to the same customer. Choose a pallet style and the manner in which you will load or wrap each one.

Pallet Types

Wood, plastic, and metal are used to construct pallets. There are two main designs that pallets encompass. They include stringer and block layouts. A stringer pallet features boards or slats that are aligned next to one another and that contain reinforcements along the sides and bottom of the pallet.

The reinforcements consist of three additional boards or slats and each one will be used to either support one side or the underneath of a pallet. The three pieces will be aligned in the opposite direction of the pieces that make up the platform. With this style, a forklift or a pallet jack will only be able to access a pallet from two sides. The sides will contain a small opening that will allow the forked end of a lift or jack to slide into either opening.

A block layout consists of parallel strips of wood or metal or plastic slats that are supported by an additional piece that is laid out in the same direction. With this type of design, all four sides will be arranged in the same manner and there will be a slot along each one, allowing a forklift or a jack to be inserted in any of the openings.

Considerations For Storage And Stacking

Many pallet styles consist of a single platform. There are also pallets that contain sidewalls. This style is suitable for long-term storage needs. Any items that are being stored inside of a pallet that resembles a box will be supported by the bottom and sides of the pallet.

If you will be shipping large loads from your facility, you may want to use a pallet type that can be recycled by each recipient. Choose wooden pallets that all feature the same design. A pallet spring and a pallet wrapper are two pieces of equipment that will make it easier for your shipping crew to load or unload pallets.

A pallet spring contains a series of calibrated springs and shock absorbers. Before items are placed on a pallet spring, the platform will be elevated. As cartons are added to the platform, it will lower. This will make it easier for boxes to be stacked and will eliminate the need for a ladder. A pallet wrapper will automatically wrap a pallet and will include a platform and a loading station.


8 March 2021

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