Troubleshooting Industrial Wastewater Pumps


If you work with sewage grinder pumps or other industrial wastewater pumps, you know how many of them must run on your site to handle the raw sewage from homes in your city. Maintaining these pumps is essential for city residents, so noticing trouble immediately is vital. What industrial pump problems should you watch out for?

1. Failing to Start

With so many pumps working, noticing one that isn't is sometimes difficult until larger problems arise. If you notice that one or more pumps aren't starting, your first stop should be the electrical control panel to check for larger electrical problems. You might also need to check voltage and wires to ensure that electricity is reaching the pump motors. If electricity isn't your problem, it's possible that internal alarms have been triggered because of power surges or other issues. The alarms will need to be reset, but be watchful that the motors aren't being overloaded and causing those alarms to be triggered.

2. Pumps Are Underperforming

If a few industrial pumps seem to have low output that isn't in line with other pumps, the first thought could be that you're experiencing a backup of sewage or some other clog. This is the problem usually; you'll need to look for occlusions that can be cleared, either in the pipes or near the pump impellers. 

Sometimes clogs aren't the problem at all, however. Pump motors can be experiencing trouble because of age or because of impeller problems. These issues must be examined and the entire pump should be looked at to ensure that damage has not lowered the output from the pump. 

Sedimentation can also present a challenge. Checking filters and valves for sedimentation should be done regularly.

3. Poorly Installed Pumps

If you're noticing you're always looking at the same pumps for problems, installation trouble could be the reason. Even if the pumps were installed years before your arrival, shallow placement, insufficient motor size, and other installation issues could be present. You may choose to have an installer come to your facility to assess all the pumps to be sure that the trouble has nothing to do with the way the existing pumps were put in.

At times, even with these industrial pump suggestions, you'll realize that constant repairs and troubleshooting mean that you need new machines. Seek out industrial wastewater pump installation services for rapid installation and maintenance so that your residents remain unaffected by pump problems.


21 February 2019

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