Hydraulic Seals By Material Type And Purpose


Hydraulic seals come in all shapes and sizes, but did you know that they are also made from various materials? They have a wide variety of purposes based on those materials as well. Here are some examples which you might find useful when and if you ever need to order hydraulic seals for different areas in your industrial plant.


​Rubber is one of the most common materials for making hydraulic seals. That is because rubber acts like a suction between two pipes, creating a small vacuum and stopping leaks from occurring. They are best used for any non-corrosive liquids, and liquids with a lower viscosity, like oil. Rubber seals can last a very long time, but they will eventually need replacing.

​PVC or Hard Plastic

​PVC or hard plastic seals typically hold up better under hotter temperatures. They are often used where steam heat or steam power is under pressure, and the seals need to be able to handle the temperatures of that steam. They may also be used for slightly more corrosive materials that would otherwise eat right through rubber but have a more difficult time getting through the plastic seals.

Metal Seals

​Metal seals are a beast of a different sort. These seals are often encased inside valves or pipes, and act as barriers or instruments to redirect. Sometimes they are ring seals around a cylinder that goes inside another cylinder, acting almost like a sort of "cap" for the inserted cylinder and preventing it from losing the pressure it is building up as it pumps in and out of the larger cylinder. Metal seals last even longer than plastic or rubber, but metal seals need to be lubricated and oiled almost constantly to prevent friction and overheating, especially when the seals are part of a system where parts are moving quickly in, out, or around the seals. You are most likely to see metal seals in heavy machinery and equipment where the continuous buildup of pressure is necessary to complete a specific task.

Not Sure What Type You Need?

​When assembling new machinery or making new connections in pipelines in your plant, you may not readily know which hydraulic seals you need. Even though you now have a general idea of what material type may help you, there is still a lot more to know about seals. Ask the hydraulic seal company from which you are placing an order to help you.


13 January 2019

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