3 Reasons To Add An Aircraft Drill To Your Home Shop


Working with wood can be an exciting and challenging way to express your creativity. The right tools can make it easier to manipulate and join raw pieces of wood in order to create the finished project you desire.

One tool that you might not consider purchasing is an aircraft drill. Despite being designed to navigate deep cavities and drill through thin materials, an aircraft drill could prove to be an invaluable tool in your home shop.

1. You can use an aircraft drill for wide pieces of wood.

You will find yourself working with wood of all shapes and sizes as you explore your creativity in your home shop. Drilling through wide pieces of wood with a traditional power drill can be nearly impossible. The length of the drill bit is not sufficient to reach all the way from one end of the wood to the other.

An aircraft drill can give you the ability to drill through a wide piece of wood with ease. The added length needed to navigate deep cavities on an aircraft make the bits used with an aircraft drill plenty long enough to extend all the way through your widest pieces of wood.

2. An aircraft drill is perfect for pocket holes.

Many of the projects you work on may require the use of pocket holes to attach two pieces of wood together. Pocket holes are drilled at an angle, which means that the distance the drill must travel is greater than it would normally be.

Specialized pocket jigs can be used to create pocket holes, but an aircraft drill provides the same results at a fraction of the cost. Since pocket holes are especially common in furniture items, anyone interested in creating furniture can benefit from the long drill bit design of an aircraft drill,

3. You can create pilot holes with an aircraft drill.

Pilot holes are another type of hole commonly created when making furniture. A pilot hole makes it easier to insert a screw through two or more pieces of wood. Depending on the thickness of each piece of wood that you are joining, you may find that you have to create individual pilot holes. This leaves a lot of room for error.

Aircraft drills have bits long enough to allow you to create pilot holes through all materials in a single motion. You can be sure that your pilot holes will be properly placed and aligned.


7 January 2019

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