Equipment To Make Your Loading Dock Safer And More Efficient


Operating a business that ships goods out through a loading dock means dealing with the packaging, storage, and moving product around on a regular basis. If you move  a lot of freight, you need more than just a hand truck for your dock. There are some things you may want to consider investing in that will not only help get things done faster, but they can make the dock safer for the people working on it. 

Fork Trucks and Pallet Jacks

Anytime you need to move materials or goods around your shipping or receiving dock; it is essential to do it safely. The size and weight of the material or freight that needs to be move will dictate whether a simple pallet jack is enough or if you need a fork truck to do the work properly. You can use a pallet jack to move things around the floor, but if you need to stack boxes or pallets, you have to have a machine that can lift the boxes or pallets to the height required. Having both a fork truck and a pallet jack on the dock can allow two people to work at loading freight, making the job much more manageable.

Dock Plates

Another essential item for anyone dock where trucks are being loaded is a dock plate. This steal plate spans the distance from the doc to the trailer like a bridge and makes it much safer for equipment and operators to move in and out of the trailer as it is being loaded. Most modern docks have automatic plates built into the dock that can be raised hydraulically and adjust to the right height when they are lowered. These plates reduce the risk of injury to employees because it means they no longer need to lift steel plates several times a day.

Storage Racks

Often busy docks will be loading and unloading trucks all day long. If the dock is receiving goods fast then they are being used, you may want to consider a storage rack system for the dock that allows the dock workers to move pallets off the floor and out of the way. The space it can save on the dock can improve the flow through the dock area and make it much more efficient. Once the trucks are unloaded, the material can then be sorted and the pallets removed from the racks for delivery to the right area of the facility. 


1 January 2019

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