Not Sure About Winter Pool Care? 4 Steps To Protect Your Pool


When you have an in-ground pool in your yard, winter can cause you some considerable stress. Above-ground pools can be emptied and put into storage for the winter. However, you can't do that with your in-ground pool. You need to continue with proper maintenance throughout the long, cold winter months. Unfortunately, if you've never cared for an in-ground pool during the winter, you might not know what needs to be done. Here are four steps to help get you started.

Don't Forget to Run the Pump

During the winter, you might forget to run the pool pump. Unfortunately, that can set you up for some serious problems later. First, if you're not running your pump, the gaskets and seals may wear out before spring. Second, if your pump isn't being run, your water is going to fill with algae, which may require you to start fresh come spring. Finally, if your pump isn't running during freezing temperatures, it may freeze up, which means you'll need to replace it before you can use your pool in the spring. For maximum protection, you should run your pump for about 8 hours each day throughout the winter. If you're expecting a bout of freezing temperatures, run the pump throughout the freeze.

Keep Current on the Water Tests

You may not be swimming during the winter, but your pool water still needs to be tested on a regular basis. Go out and test your water at least once a week throughout the winter. Be sure to add any chemicals that it might need. That way, your pool will be ready to go once the warm weather returns.

Maintain Proper Pool Security

When it comes to winter pool care, you can't forget about the security. Children and pets can still fall in your pool, even if it's not in use. Inspect the fence around your pool for signs of damage. Test the alarm system at least once a month. If you don't have a motion sensor alarm for your pool, it's a good idea to invest in one. A motion sensor alarm will alert as soon as the water is disturbed.

Hire a Professional Pool Service

If you don't have time to provide the proper care for your pool during the winter months, or you're going to be leaving town for an extended period of time, you need to hire a professional pool service. They'll ensure that your pool receives the care it needs so that it will be ready for use in the spring.

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25 December 2018

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