Need Piping For Your Industrial Business? Why You Should Use Carbon Steel Piping


If you need to purchase pipes for your industrial business, you have different options to choose from. One of these options is carbon steel piping. There are many benefits of choosing this type, three of which are listed below.

Safer for Your Employees

You do not have to worry about treating carbon steel pipes with anything like preservatives, pesticides, or glues as you do with many other building materials. This means your employees will not be subjected to the chemicals in these products. Also, carbon steel pipes cannot catch on fire which makes carbon steel piping ideal for not only industrial companies but also for residential homes.

Lasts Longer

Carbon steel piping is resistant to corrosion, which means you will not have to replace the piping for a very long time. Carbon steel piping is also resistant to acids, and resistant to pests and rotting. This makes these pipes perfect for industrial companies that work in areas that are high in temperatures or areas that have a low pH.

As an added benefit, because these pipes last longer this can save your company a lot of money especially if you use a lot of piping for your industrial business.

Has a High Tensile Strength

Carbon steel piping has high tensile strength which means it will stand up well under very high pressure situations. Because of the extra strength the piping can be made thinner then other types of pipes. Even though they are thinner, the pipes can carry as much weight as other comparable piping that is thicker.

This is also better for the environment as less material is used when making the pipes.

Has Shock Resistance

Carbon steel pipe is also resistant to shock, which is why transportation companies use this type of pipe when making roadways. For example, if the company lays either gas pipes or water pipes under the roadway, they likely use carbon steel pipes to do so.

This is because heavy traffic creates a lot of vibration and shock. All this vibration and shock could damage piping that was not durable over time. This is also beneficial for industrial companies that need to use piping in areas that have a lot of vibration, such as due to heavy machinery being used.

Talk with a company that sells carbon steel piping, like Hillenburg  Pipe & Supply, to learn much more about them. You can then decide if you would like to use this type for your business.


18 December 2018

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