3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Carts For Your Facility


If you run an industrial plant or manufacturing facility, you are probably familiar with the various responsibilities necessary to keep production and manufacturing running effectively and efficiently. Depending on your specific type of facility, carts may be used to transport supplies and products to and from various locations. Unfortunately, knowing which carts to use can be a bit overwhelming because of the various options available. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing sales maker carts for your facility.

Storage Space

Firstly, the carts need to offer enough space for storing and transporting the supplies, parts, and products you need to transport. For example, if your employees need to transport small parts, excess space may not seem necessary. However, the more the cart can store, the more productive your workers will be. If you will need to transport larger items, such as containers of cleaning solutions, food products, or even batteries, your car should have even more space.

Cart Width

In most cases, you will have aisles and narrow areas that you will need to navigate through in your facility. Therefore, the width of your car is also an important factor to consider.

OSHA recommends aisles that are at least 3 feet wider than the largest piece of equipment used in your facility. If the cart is too wide, you will not be able to move through the different aisles with ease. This leads to accidents and property damage. It can also reduce the efficiency and production inside your facility. To ensure you are both productive and safe, make sure to choose a cart that fits down your aisles without complications.

Ease of Access

Finally, your carts need to be easy to use, meaning they are easy to load, unload, and move through your facility. You and your workers should be able to lift heavy items onto the carts without difficulty. Unloading the heavy items should also be simple as long as the cart does not have an excessively-high exterior wall.

The carts should be easy to push as well. Wheels should in good condition and lubricated so you can push and steer the cart through aisles and around corners without a worry of your items spilling over onto the floor.

Carts may not seem like an essential element to your facility's production, but they can actually be great investments for your company. This guide will help you select the right salesmaker carts for your specific needs. 


17 December 2018

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