Need To Sell Electrical Equipment? 3 Ways To Help You Sell Everything


If you have a surplus of electrical equipment do not throw it way into a landfill but instead sell it to get cash for your company. To help you, below are three ways you can sell your electrical equipment so you can gain space inside your company and get green in your pocket.

Online Companies

One of the best ways to sell your electrical equipment is through online companies. There are many companies that sell this type of equipment and will purchase them from you.

First, put together a list of everything you have. A spreadsheet would work well for this as it would be much easier for a buyer to read. Put headings like the type of equipment, how much you paid for it when it was new, what you are charging for it, the condition, and more. Make sure you put a good description of the equipment, such as how old it is.

Do research online to find companies and then send an email to the owner. You should be able to find an email on the website.

Companies that Sell Equipment and then Pay You

If the company you choose to sell your equipment to will only pay you if they sell the electrical equipment it is important that you look at their website. The website should be easy for users to find parts they are looking for. If the user knows the part number, they should be able to land directly on the part they are looking for. This is helpful as the user would not have to search through pages and pages of parts to find what they want to purchase.

Buyers in Your Area

Contact companies in your area that sell electrical equipment to see if they sell used equipment. If they do, look on their website to see what they are selling their current used equipment at. If they have the same type of electrical equipment that you are selling you will know what to set your prices at.

You could bring all the electrical equipment with you to the company if you have only a small amount. If you have a large amount bring only some of the equipment with you.  This will show the buyer the condition your equipment is in, so they can determine if they want to make a sale with you.

These two tips should help you sell all the electrical equipment that you have.


14 December 2018

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