Need To Purchase A Milling Machine? Advantages Of Using A Vertical Milling Machine


Milling is a common machine used by many industrial companies. It can be used to mill a variety of materials, such as plastic, wood, and metal. If you need to purchase a milling machine you will find different types with one type being a vertical milling machine. Below is information about what this type of milling machine is, as well as benefits it offers you.

Vertical Milling Machine

A vertical milling machine has a vertical spindle axis and there are two types of vertical milling machines. The first type is known as the bed mill. With this the material used is placed on a tray. The tray can move back and forth. The spindle cutter is then moved up and down to cut the material.

There is also a turret mill, and the tray can move back and forth as with a bed mill. The only difference is the spindle is fixed. This can make it easier to cut if you have a thick material as you can better control the material if the spindle is not moving.

Vertical Milling Machine Benefits

There are many benefits of using a vertical milling machine including.

Good Visibility

A vertical machine has good visibility while the material is being cut.  This is because a vertical milling machine has many openings. This can help if you need to cut slowly to put special details on the project.

Save Money

You will also save money with a vertical milling machine. This is because many machine shops use them, so they are more readily available when compared to horizontal machines. This helps keep the costs down on the machine.

Easy to Learn How to Use

A vertical milling machine is also easy for your employees to learn how to use. This is because the CNC controls are easily accessible on a vertical machine. Because most machine shops use this type you will also be able to find skilled labor much easier

Makes Accurate Cuts

Vertical milling machines make very accurate cuts, which reduces the amount of errors that you often see with manual machines.  This will help get your product to your customers much quicker and the customers will be happy with what they receive.

Talk with the salesperson at a milling supplier, such as Allied High Tech, to learn much more information about vertical machines. You can then decide if this would be right for you and your business.


8 December 2018

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