4 Things You Shouldn't Do When Storing Engine Oil In Your Industrial Facility


Keeping engine oil on-hand in your industrial facility is smart. You might regularly need it for vehicles and equipment that are used within the business, and having it available makes maintenance more convenient. Buying engine oil ahead of time is also usually more affordable. If you buy enough engine oil to keep some on-hand within your industrial facility, though, you're obviously going to need to store it. These are some of the things that you shouldn't do when storing engine oil:

1. Store at the Wrong Temperature

For one thing, the temperature at which you store your engine oil does make a difference. If the oil is kept in too-cold conditions, it can thicken up significantly. Engine oil can be affected by being stored in hot conditions for a long period of time as well; therefore, it's best to store the engine oil in an area that will be close to room temperature at all times, if you want it to last and if you want it to work properly for lubricating engines when it's added to vehicles or equipment.

2. Store in the Wrong Containers

Don't store your engine oil in the wrong containers. Make sure that engine oil is stored in sturdy containers. Additionally, you should make sure that the containers are kept tightly-closed to prevent oil spills or contamination of the oil. When possible, keep engine oil in the original containers that it comes in.

3. Get Different Kinds Mixed-Up

You might purchase different types of engine oil to keep on-hand in your industrial environment. After all, if you have a lot of equipment and vehicles on-site, then you might need to use various types of engine oil for all of the different equipment and vehicles. Make sure that you don't get the different types of engine oils mixed-up, or you might add the wrong type to the wrong vehicle or equipment, which can cause problems. Instead, carefully label any containers with the engine oil type if this information is not already listed.

4. Forget to Add More

Lastly, don't forget to add more engine oil to your stockpile as it starts to run low. Keeping a list of types of oil that you are running out of and routinely looking for good deals on the types of engine oil that you use within your facility will help you score the best deals and avoid running out.

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8 December 2018

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