Essential Safety Gear To Wear When Using An Electrogas Welder


Elctrogas welding is a special type of arc welding that's primarily used on thicker materials. If you plan on engaging in this form of welding on a regular basis, you'll need to equip yourself with the appropriate safety gear to remain safe.

Auto-Darkening Helmet 

Not only do sparks fly in different angles when you use an electrogas welder, a bright light is produced that can cause arc eye. So that your eyes and face are fully protected from these potential safety hazards, you need to invest in an auto-darkening helmet.

The moment you strike up an electrogas welder and begin using it, the lens on this helmet will instantly darken to protect your eyes. This helmet provides full-coverage protection, so you can weld freely without having to worry about getting burned. A lot of these helmets are also made from lightweight materials, which are extremely durable. 

Leather Welding Jacket 

In addition to protecting your eyes and face when using an electrogas welder, you need to keep your upper body protected. You can do just that when you invest in a leather welding jacket. These jackets are made out of thick leather, featuring Kevlar seems. 

They are completely fireproof, so even if a lot of sparks coming from the electrogas welder hit your body, the jackets won't catch fire. Some of these jackets even have a breathable design, which helps you stay cool when working in such hot environments for hours. Finally, these jackets have plenty of pockets that enable you to keep welding essentials nearby at all times.

Leather Chaps 

Just like protecting your upper body, you need to keep your lower body shielded from the heat and sparks coming from your electrogas welder. You won't have to worry at all when you have leather chaps on.

Like leather welding jackets, these chaps are made from thick cowhide that's intended to completely shield all parts of your legs. Thanks to double-reinforced seams, you won't have to worry about these chaps tearing when you bend over when completing various welds. A lot of these chaps even have adjustable loops, which allow you to secure aprons to them for extra protection.

There are so many great applications with electrogas welders. If you plan on using one regularly, be sure to equip your body with the appropriate gear. When you do, you can weld confidently knowing you'll be ready for anything that comes your way. 


5 December 2018

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