Why You Need Fully Functional Twist Locks On Your Frac Chassis


A frac chassis is a trailer and its base used for moving heavy containers of frac sand. It is vital to the fracking business that these containers arrive full of frac sand and ready to be used. The containers cannot be damaged, and a loss of frac sand during travel results in less work completed at the fracking site. Since frac sand is also expensive and difficult to come by, you want to make sure every bit of it arrives at the fracking site. Ergo, you have to secure the frac sand containers on the frac chassis of the frac sand trailer/hauler. Here is why you need fully functional frac chassis twist locks, plus additional means of securing the containers, on the trailer. 

Twist and Click

Twist locks are the fastest way to secure the massive frac sand containers. When the containers are loaded on the trailer, the twist locks turn and lock the bottom edges of the containers in place. There are also additional types of twist lock accessories that can secure the containers, and they are bolted or threaded onto the chassis. These accessories help lock things down by making the twist locks' grip even tighter. At most, these twist locks and twist lock products will maintain level containers regardless of how fast the truck is moving and/or how quickly the truck and chassis/trailer are moving around a corner or bend in the road.

When Some of the Twist Locks Do Not Work

You have two problems here when not all of the twist locks work. One, you need a backup means of securing the containers and keeping them in place for transport. Two, you will need to get those twist locks replaced and/or fixed before you transport any more loads. There are some reasonable backup methods for securing the containers, but you cannot rely on them in lieu of the twist locks when the twist locks are supposed to be your primary means of securing the containers. It is simply not safe.

Your Temporary Backup Options (or Additional Security Options)

Your twist lock backup options can be either temporary in lieu of a couple of malfunctioning twist locks, or in addition to all of your fully functional twist locks. Chains are one such option, and so are ratcheting tie-down straps. There are locations on the frac chassis where the chains can be looped and locked, and where ratcheting straps can be looped and connected.


4 December 2018

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