4 Tips For Keeping Your Portable Restrooms Nice & Sanitary


If you are renting portable restrooms for an extended period of time, you are going to want to make sure that they stay sanitary. The company you rent the portable toilets from will ensure that they are delivered clean, and the company will also come out at least once a month to clean them. However, there are steps that you can take to help keep the facilities clean when you rent portable restrooms for the long-term.  

#1 Rent A Portable Sink to Go Along with the Portable Restrooms

When you rent portable restrooms, make sure to also rent portable sinks as well. Portable restrooms come with some hand sanitizer dispensers; however, those dispensers are made to sanitize your hands. They don't allow people to clean up. 

If you want to keep your restrooms clean, provide a place for people to get cleaned up. Portable sinks provide individuals with running water and soap to clean their hands with. Providing more means to keep your guests who use the portable toilets clean will help the entire setup clean.  

#2 Rent More Units

In order to keep your portable toilets clean, consider renting more units. Renting more units will reduce how frequently each individual toilet is used, which will help keep the toilets cleaner. Also, when you have more toilets available, people are less likely to feel like they have to rush, which will also help keep things cleaner. 

#3 Check on the Restrooms

When you are hosting an event, make sure that you check on the toilets. Assign specific team members to check on the portable toilets during the event. For long-term rentals, have specific team members who check on the restrooms every week. Checking on the restrooms, making sure that toilet paper is available, and mopping up the floor of the toilets is a great way to keep the space clean. 

#4 Schedule Extra Cleanings

When you rent portable toilets for an extended period of time, the rental company will generally come out and clean the toilets at least once a month. However, if a monthly cleaning doesn't get the job done for your particular needs, you can contract with the rental company and have them come out to service and clean the toilets on a more frequent basis. This may cost you a little extra, but it is worth it in order to keep the toilets up to your cleanliness standards.  

Keep your rental restrooms clean for the long-term by renting more units, renting hand cleaning stations, checking up on the restrooms yourself, and paying for extra cleanings from the rental company. 


3 December 2018

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