Ready For Winter? How To Prepare Your Brick Walls


If you've got a brick wall, now's the time to make sure that it's ready for winter. Harsh winter weather can really wreak havoc on brick walls. The best way to prevent serious winter damage is to make sure the wall is sound before the harsh weather settles in for the season. Here are some instructions that will help you prepare your brick wall for winter.

1. Inspect the Mortar 

When it comes to brick walls, the most important component is the mortar. It's the mortar that holds the entire wall together. Begin your winter preparations with a thorough inspection of your entire brick wall. If you can, make sure you get a good view of both sides of the wall. If you share a brick wall with your neighbor, you may need to have them take care of the inspection on their side. You'll want to pay close attention to areas where the mortar may be missing or damaged. If you've got areas where the mortar is missing, or there are deep cracks in the mortar, you'll need to grab your masonry supplies and repair the damage before winter arrives.

2. Check for Bulging

If your brick wall is part of a retaining wall, you'll need to inspect for bulges. Bulges in a brick retaining wall may leave your property susceptible to significant damage, especially if the bulges lead to a collapse. If you find areas where your retaining wall is bulging under the pressure, you need to contact a contractor as soon as possible. The wall will need to be repaired or replaced before the rains or snows arrive.

3. Monitor the Soil Pack

When it comes to protecting the structural stability of a brick retaining wall, you need to monitor the soil pack. Loss of soil along the lower edge of your retaining wall could signify that you've got an erosion problem that needs to be tended to. Not only that, but areas with active soil erosion could also allow flood waters onto your property. If you find areas where the soil has washed away, be sure to bring in additional soil to those areas. If the erosion is significant, you need to have your retaining wall inspected as soon as possible.

Don't take chances with your brick walls this winter. The information provided here will help you care for masonry and avoid weather-related problems with your brick wall.


25 November 2018

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